HateStream: Social Media – Secure Digital Life #105

Today, it’s the Russ show. I am here but I am going to let Russ run it. Maybe it’s an ominous sign of my impending doom. Hard to say. We are going to talk about Social Media. I mean this stuff has taken over the world in terms of how people communicate, interact, date, exchange ideas, you name it. But what about when it starts flying a confederate battle flag and encouraging you to molest cattle? What’s the responsibility of social media companies to “censor” content or determine what should or should not be said? It’s a brave new world as we talk about ethics, privacy, and security this week on Secure Digital Life.

Full Show Notes

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Doug White
Doug White – Professor, Roger Williams University.
Russell Beauchemin
Russell Beauchemin – Program Advisor & Director, Roger Williams University.


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