Mock Interview, Q&A – Secure Digital Life #114

It’s the last SDL. Really. We have had 2 + years of fun and games here at Security Weekly, but it’s time for the SDL team to ride off into the sunset (or at least crash into the sunset billboard. I want to thank Russ, Paul, Sam, Mark, John and Joe for all the good times and great shows. Today, though we are going to do one last show covering “the interview”. As Russ and I will have to interview for new hosting jobs soon, well, everyone has to interview for jobs. It sucks, you hate, we hate it, but you need to prepare. So, today, we invited Pam Fournier back to talk to us about questions with good and bad answers to interview questions. Hang around for the last one.

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Doug White
Doug White – Professor, Roger Williams University.
Russell Beauchemin
Russell Beauchemin – Program Advisor & Director, Roger Williams University.